1. 18:04 22nd Aug 2014

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    I board my flight in ten minutes. This is real

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    I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


    Halloween season.

  3. Best of luck! Have an awesome time!

    tied-my-heart-in-a-celtic-knot Thank you! It came up quick it feels like :3

  4. I leave for the airport in 7 hours

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    when boys have sleepovers do they sleep in the same bed like girls do or do the rules of no homo include sharing beds

    girls always share beds. and covers and clothes and food and personal space. sometimes even bathrooms

    Girls share everything.

    #girls dont believe in no homo #all da homo #dont give a fuck.

  6. 18:30 21st Aug 2014

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    [seductively takes off glasses]

    wow you’re fucking blurry

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    Today was one of the harder goodbyes, tomorrow will be too, and Friday will be the hardest. I wasn’t prepared as I thought I was for this

  8. 17:06 20th Aug 2014

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    Farmer plays Royals on trombone, cows gather

  9. 22:15 19th Aug 2014

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    I am essentially packed and ready to go and I still have three more days

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    How to Pack Luggage?

    Actually super helpful. I changed a few things up but everything in my suitcase fits pretty nicely!