1. 08:14 28th Jul 2014

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    a pick up line: I’ve put the kettle on

  2. Don’t have a penny, I look good in debt
    Red white blue course through my veins
    Binge and purge the USA

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    Powa - tUnE yArDs 

    If you aren’t listening to Tune-Yards, you really fucking should be. 

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    birdsongs, day forty-eight: tegan and sara | closer

    I want you close, I want you / I won’t treat you like you’re typical

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    "dick is abundant and low value" i am screaming

  7. x-dear-lady-disdain said: it hit me too that were all leaving and im close to being a blubbering mess rn
    I was blubbering while leaving saying goodbye to Alexis :(.
    beccajgreennn said: I’m beyond excited for you! :’)
    Thanks! I am so so excited, I just want everyone to be able to experience this with me!
  8. 21:53 26th Jul 2014

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    It really hit me tonight that I am leaving everything I know in a month for a brand new adventure.

    I am excited and scared and very sad I can’t take everyone with me.

  9. 18:35 25th Jul 2014

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    Being sick and hanging out with Heaney tonight

    Being sick and hanging out with Heaney tonight

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    What a good feeling

    What a good feeling