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Night in Donegal ✕ Marius Kasteckas


    Night in Donegal ✕ Marius Kasteckas
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    whoever invents headphones that are comfortable to sleep in will get so rich


    [SleepPhones] are headphones wrapped in a padded fleece headband. I have a pair, and they’re quite nice.

    Get out of here……

    So I guess I managed to leave the link out of that post, sorry!


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real talk some days


    real talk some days

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    My main dude

    My main dude

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    Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.
    — Rachel Wolchin    (via basicbook)

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    Filled one suitcase all ready and I havent even touched my scarves and shoes and jewelry… Fuck.

    shit and my make up and winter coats and the like 3 books that im using for my thesis fuckfuckfuck

    You may have to look into downsizing :P

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  9. inthegameofurlsuwinorrunoutofsp:

    remember that time i withdrew from a class because i didn’t want to write a paper

    because i do

    I remember this Matt

  10. voodouqueen:


    Know Your Veils: A Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings (PHOTOS)

    Next time you are having dinner with a Bahraini dignitary, don’t embarrass yourself by confusing the Queen’s abaya with a burqa.

    Simply read our full guide with the full explanations behind every Islamic veil here. 

    Looks !!!!!!